Monday, June 2, 2008

Hancock Preview Clip

Hancock is Will Smith upcoming superhero action comedy.

A few preview clips have been released for Hancock:

You broke my glass!
Hnacock (Will Smith) gets really mad at some dishonest chaps who broke his booze bottle...

Move It!
While saving a man stuck in his car on a railroad Hancock just destroy an incoming train...

Superheroes are sensitive: they can be hurt by words if not by force!
So please: respect your superheroes, even Hancock... For your own safety as well...

On Youtube
Hancock is quite infamous on the web...

So far all the Hancock trailers and the former clip have put emphasis on the shallow drunken side of Hancock. But this new Hancock clip let us see that the coin has indeed two sides:

I don't age.
(Clip shown on The Ellen Degeneres TV show)

Check this Hancock clip if you want to see how farfetched political correctness could be if it was dumbly applied:

'Do I have permission to touch your body?'
Hancock tries his best not to offend an injured female police officer.

Will Smith is still a great actor and absolutely not the B-movie actor playing drunken superheroes that some say he became. Hancock will probably be a good surprise for many.